Self Analysis




Do you really know yourself? Now you can, with Self Analysis. This book will take you through your past and your life. You will uncover hidden memories and incidents. Using the do-it-yourself procedures in the book, it is possible to improve your general state-of-mind, increase your happiness, and decrease anxiety, feelings of loss or anger. You can also use it to improve your memory and your reaction time.

The book includes essays describing discoveries to do with the mind, including about remembering, forgetting, imagination, the two main types of people that affect people adversely and personality changes.

This book can help you realize your real potential and have a happier life. You will discover that the barriers of life are really just shadows. Learn to know yourself, not just a shadow of yourself. Self Analysis shows you how.

Self Analysis Counseling Success Stories

“I was really shy and extremely introverted”

“Although I had a pretty good life up to the point of doing Self Analysis, I didn’t actually feel that I was living a good life. I was really shy and extremely introverted. I used to get very embarrassed very easily and I had a hard time making friends. For someone in high school, these were very big problems for me.

“I was offered Self Analysis Counseling to give me some relief, and I accepted. And I’m so glad I did!! I was so stuck in times in my life of loss and pain that I didn’t realize I had way more happy moments in my life than sad ones. And when I was able to shift my attention toward these happy moments, no matter how small (like driving fast to school or finishing my 7th grade science project or remembering the smell of my campsite in the early morning), my whole perception of my life changed too.

“In Self Analysis Counseling you are directed to remember many moments and things of your past. At first I didn’t fully understand what was happening during the counseling or how it was supposed to help me, but as time went on I had more and more relief and realizations about myself.

“I remember floundering to find the right answers in my memories when I first started the counseling. Then I was able to find them faster and with more confidence. Then I was smiling with every response, until I was laughing with every response, until my realization hit me like a ton of bricks!!: ‘I have an amazing life!!!’

“And truly, I did have a good life. And I know that because I have all these happy moments that just became so much more real by focusing on different perceptions in them. This totally shifted how I was able to experience life going forward. I smiled more. I became more confident. And I became more aware of happy moments as they were happening. Life had turned into something to celebrate!!”

Robyn Irvine, CA

“I finally understood why I had negative thoughts, self-doubts and fears.”

“In Self Analysis Counseling I finally understood why I would have negative thoughts, self-doubts and fears. I realized that those were not natural, I did not have to have them and they were not part of who I really am. And that it was possible to get rid of them.

“I was able to spot toxic people that I had been involved with in my life. This allowed me to untangle myself from the negative influences they had left on me. This really made a huge difference to me!

“I had so many more realizations and changes. I used to have some nervousness meeting new people. Now, I am interested in people. That’s a HUGE change for me! I didn’t t even realize how much of a problem it was. It made sense why I was feeling lonely, as if I had no friends. I am much happier with that aspect of myself and my life. Overall, doing this program allowed me to feel much more at ease socially.

“One striking change that happened is I felt my creativity and imagination improved. I felt like I could use my creative mind once again and do art, interior design or sculpture on a completely new plateau. Up to that point I had pretty much given up on doing art all together!

“By the end of the program, I felt more alive and ‘fresh’, as if I had a new outlook on life. I would recommend anyone to do the Self Analysis program, get started right away and just keep going!”

Andrey Santa Ana, CA

“I used to have a lot of issues with self-confidence and motivation”

“I did Self Analysis counseling and it was very successful for me. I used to have a lot of issues with self-confidence and motivation and things like that. When I started to do the counseling, the first thing that surprised me was what was on my mind.

“The counseling forced me to see a lot of situations that were not optimum for me, but it did it gently and gradually so that I was able to overcome them. By the end of it I felt like a new person. It was awesome.”

Alejandro Irvine, CA

“Self Analysis Counseling has given me back so much self-confidence and happiness”

“It seemed like I had it all. Living in Hawaii, in a big house, with a nice family and lots of friends. But on the inside, I was miserable. I decided to get counseling from my local Dianetics center and I got Self Analysis Counseling.

“I love Self-Analysis Counseling. It is so simple yet extraordinarily powerful. The counseling gave me back so much self-confidence and happiness and I feel good about myself and my life now.”

Julia Honolulu, Hawaii