Overcome Past Bad Experiences

We can help you heal and eliminate the emotional pain in your life


The emotional fallout from past traumatic experiences often continues to affect you in the present, making it hard to feel happy and create your future. Even when you think you've moved on, the negative emotions can be triggered, sending you back into the pain of that experience. 

And we are talking about pain; emotions such as grief, depression, anxiety, fear (or terror), boiling anger, simmering resentment, feelings of shame, blaming and regret can leave you incapacitated to a greater or lesser degree.

We can help you learn the reasons why these past bad experiences have the power to affect you long after they occurred. We provide counseling that helps you overcome your emotional pain and eliminate it from your life.

Painful experiences that can linger on.

  • A broken relationship or divorce.
  • Death or loss of a loved one.
  • Death of a pet. 
  • A sudden shock or bad news.
  • A betrayal.
  • Being part of an abusive relationship. 
  • A bad injustice. 
  • Loss of a job, position or business. 
  • grave illness or injury. 

The negative emotions from these experiences don't just go away on their own. But the good news is there is a way to clear them out of your way.

Overcome your the pain from past bad experiences with Dianetics Counseling

Dianetics Counseling can release you of your painful emotions and past trauma so that you can move forward with your life again. Dianetics is a method of counseling that gets to the root of a person’s trauma so that it is no longer troubling them. Dianetics counseling employs no drugs or techniques such as hypnosis. Instead, you are fully awake at all times. Our counselors are highly trained and experienced and will treat you with compassion and understanding.

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Learn more about emotional trauma and emotional pain and how to get over it and eliminate it from your life. The webinar is given by our Executive Director, also a certified counselor, Diana Dernehl.

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