Life Repair

People have improved their lives and relationships with Life Repair Counseling at South Coast Mission!

What is Life Repair?

Life Repair is Scientology counseling that is designed to help people have a happier, better outlook on life. It helps people resolve problems and overcome barriers. Each Life Repair counseling program is tailored to address the exact issues and conditions the person wants to resolve.

Some common results from doing Life Repair include:

  • Freedom from the pain and negative effects of the past
  • Improved relationships
  • A more positive outlook on life
  • The ability to control one’s own life better
  • A greater understanding of oneself
  • Less or no anxiety or stress

Life Repair uses an E-Meter, a counseling device that measures change of thought in an individual. In the hands of a certified, skilled counselor, known as an auditor, the E-Meter becomes the tool to uncover the true sources of a person’s problems, barriers or upsets in life, and helps the auditor address the exact areas needing resolution. Factually, there are no parallels to the accuracy and effectiveness of Scientology counseling.

“Life Repair has given back my ability to control parts of my life that I felt I had no control over.” — Bruce
“Life Repair has given me back my ability to control parts of my life that I felt I had no control over. It gave me the ability to focus more as I was no longer focusing on problems like money. It also made me feel more comfortable with my body, which allowed me to make the changes I needed that led me to losing weight! I really hope others get the opportunity to do Life Repair as it can truly give you more control over your life!”
— Bruce, Irvine, California
Life Repair Counseling can help you overcome problems, stress and the barriers to happiness and success you are experiencing. You can feel renewed vigor, greater happiness, a better outlook on life and more satisfying and successful relationships. Each Life Repair Counseling program is tailored to the individual. As well as counseling, Life Repair can include self-help classes that a person can do on their own schedule in the comfort of our center.
You’ll get a friendly greeting and immediate assistance when you arrive at South Coast Mission.
A Life Repair Consultant will explain how Life Repair works and will answer any questions you have.
An essential part of Life Repair is personality and IQ testing. This helps us, and you, to pinpoint the exact areas of your life that need addressing.
You will be able to watch videos that help explain the procedure of your Life Repair program.
You are now ready for your first counseling session with one of our experienced certified Life Repair auditors.
LIfe Repair counseling uses an E-meter, a counseling device designed to help the auditor find the real source of your issues so that they can be resolved.
Your Life Repair program can include study of a course at your own pace in our course room. These are courses designed to address specific areas of life, such as self-confidence, finances, relationships and motivation.
You can expect to feel a lot better at the end of your Life Repair program! Jordan, left, had this to say: “Life Repair was life-changing. I know with certainty my gains will not be lost and my life will continue to improve. My counselor is awesome. Thanks to everyone that helped me get here. I couldn’t have done it without your help.” Jordan, Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Jordan, Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Friendly & Knowledgeable Service in a Relaxed Environment

South Coast Mission’s friendly, aesthetic and relaxed environment makes people feel at ease during their Life Repair program.

Our Life Repair counselors, known as auditors, from Latin “to listen”, are highly trained and experienced. They will make sure that you, or your friend or family member, is well taken care of.


Felix Lange is one of our highly trained Life Repair counselors.

“I felt very relaxed and felt Felix was a person I could talk and share with.”

– J.H.

“With my auditor’s help and guidance through the counseling session, I’ve visited my past pain and anger without fear.”

– L.J.

“I absolutely loved my auditor, Alex. I loved how he explained everything, and I could tell he knew exactly what to do to help me.”

– A.J.

South Coast Mission Executive Team

Diana Dernehl is the Executive Director and has been helping people at South Coast Mission for over 12 years. She is also a trained counselor and her door is always open if you need help.
South Coast Mission Directors, Keith and Deborah Gilleard. Keith and Deborah have many years of experience in helping people with Scientology. They are trained counselors and also trained in Hubbard administrative technology.

Life Repair Success Story

“The Life Repair counseling experience has allowed me to recover my ability to enjoy life, which has caused me to feel soooo much better. I can now think clearer and can handle life better.”
—Nancy, Pomona California

Free Life Repair Consultation!

Meet with an expert consultant and find out how Life Repair can help you. Get any questions answered. Your Free Consultation includes the Oxford Capacity Analysis, the most accurate personality test available. You’ll get a detailed evaluation of your strong points and your areas of weakness. It will give you a clear picture of your personality and your future potential.

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