Overcoming Anxiety


Effective, drug-free methods to relieve anxiety

Whether you feel anxiety occasionally or it’s a chronic condition, anxiety can interfere with or even cripple your life. With our counseling techniques it’s possible to get your anxious feelings under control and view life with calm and optimism.

Are you suffering from chronic anxiety?

Anxiety can include different emotions and feelings. They all center around a basic feeling of fear, and can include any of the following

  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Extreme worry
  • Debilitating nervousness
  • Dread
  • Panic
  • Irrational fears
  • Self-doubt

Where does anxiety come from?

These various anxious feelings come directly from a hidden part of your mind, the reactive mind. Your reactive mind records moments of physical and mental upset and trauma, anguish, extreme anxiety or stress and emotional shock such as deaths and failures. These moments are stored in the reactive mind’s own memory banks where they are unavailable to your conscious recall and not under your direct control.

At any time, however, the emotions and physical sensations stored in the reactive mind can be triggered and affect you without your being able to do anything about it.

As an example, let’s say someone has a very stressful incident as a child. They are sick with a bad cold and temperature and they witness their parents arguing viciously. At the time they feel anxious and fearful. This incident gets recorded in the reactive mind, including the anxious and fearful feelings. Later, something similar triggers the reactive mind—maybe an argument, a similar living room, having a cold, etc.— and the person feels anxious and fearful.

This all happens below the level of the person’s awareness. They just know that they feel anxiety. Often, they will try to attribute it to something that is happening in their current environment, such as at work or their marriage. This doesn’t resolve it, as the actual cause lies hidden somewhere in the past.

Counseling for Anxiety

We have counseling that helps you overcome anxiety. It can eliminate the underlying causes of chronic, constant anxiety and provide real and lasting relief.

All our counseling is done with you fully aware of what is going on. We don’t use any drugs or techniques such as hypnosis. Our counseling is based on the scientific techniques of Dianetics, which have been in use since 1950 and have helped millions of people be free of the shackles of anxiety and emotional pain.

Our counselors are nonjudgmental, understanding and good listeners. They have a lot of experience in dealing with anxiety and understand how debilitating it can be. Your counselor will help you gently explore the reasons for your anxiety and what underlies it and keeps it in place. The end goal is relief from anxiety, and ultimately, eliminating it from your life altogether.


Remote Counseling

We are currently providing counseling you can do from your home. This is a specially designed program of counseling that has helped many people during this time experience relief from anxiety.

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We have regular self-help webinars on topics such as gaining confidence, relieving anxiety and stress, the effect of past bad experiences, and more. They are given by our Executive Director, Diana Dernehl, who is also a certified counselor.

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