Think more clearly and increase your well-being with the Purification Program.

Do you feel less alert and aware than you used to? Tired or drained of energy for no apparent reason? Wooden or even lifeless? The Purification Program rids your body of the residual drugs and toxins that are dulling your senses and reducing your ability to think clearly. The result is a purified body, free from accumulated impurities, drugs and other toxins.

The Purification Program was developed by L. Ron Hubbard to meet a growing threat to individual well-being stemming from the more and more common use of drugs and chemical substances in our current culture.

Thousands of hours of research and testing culminated in the precise actions and elements that dislodge and eliminate drug and toxic residues from the body.

The result is an exact regimen that combines exercise, sauna, sweat-out and nutrition, including vitamins, minerals and oils.

As one does the program, more and more chemicals, toxins and drugs, accumulated over a lifetime, can be eliminated, along with their devastating effects on the body, mind and spirit.

The program is done daily until all the accumulated impurities have been cleaned out. It takes an average of three to four weeks.

Participants who have completed the program report life-changing wins, including increased perceptions, heightened awareness, improved memory, the ability to think clearly and an exhilaration in life itself.

“The Purification Program gives an individual the chance to experience a surge of vitality and renewed sense of well-being. “It is offered as an invitation to start living!”
— L. Ron Hubbard


In a breakthrough discovery, L. Ron Hubbard found that medicinal drugs, street drugs, chemical poisons and toxins, preservatives, pesticides, and more, can lodge in the body for years and continue to adversely affect the individual.

Working with a variety of former drug users, L. Ron Hubbard made a startling discovery:

LSD residues can lodge in the body, mainly the fatty tissues, and remain there for years.

Indeed, several years after Mr. Hubbard’s discovery, medical experts performing autopsies confirmed this to be the case.

These drug deposits can continue to adversely affect the individual long after he has stopped taking the drug. In the case of LSD, residues of the drug were found to account for the unpredictable recurrences of “flashbacks” former users experienced.

Further research discovered that marijuana, heroin, cocaine, painkillers and other medical drugs can similarly trigger into action years later, as if the person had just taken more of the drug.

Moreover, it soon became apparent that it’s not just drugs that can stay in the body, but any of a stream of toxic substances we encounter every day. These include food preservatives, industrial chemicals, household cleaning products and insecticides, to name a few.

The accumulation of drug and toxic residues in one’s body can lead to disastrous consequences. They can ruin a person’s health, energy level and memory, and even inhibit the ability to study and learn. In short, residual drug and chemical deposits can cost an individual his future.

Fortunately, there is an answer to free oneself from the negative effects of drugs and toxins: the Purification Program.


Drugs and chemical residues can make a person feel blank, stupid, depressed, confused—for no apparent reason. They can alter one’s personality for the worse and change one’s attitude toward life.

Purification Program Success Stories

“I have to credit the Purification Program with getting me clean. I honestly believe I would have gone back to using if it wasn’t for the program. I feel a great sense of hope for the future. I truly believe the Purification Program saved my life!”
— Richard
“After taking a medication my energy had decreased and I wanted to detoxify. As a result of the Purification Program, not only did my energy increase a lot, but I also got rid of my desire to smoke and I felt a lot calmer and healthier. I could think more clearly and absorb the material I was studying better. The staff at South Coast Mission were very friendly and l loved running in the sports park next to it!”
— Pei

The Purification Program at South Coast Mission

Join Vanessa as she does her daily period on the Purification Program.

Specific vitamins and minerals are taken in exact quantities and in precise ratios to one another. They help repair the damage done by drugs and toxic substances as well as assist in dislodging residual drugs and toxins from the body tissues and cells.


Part of the daily routine is running. Running gets the blood circulating faster and reaching deeper into the tissues where the harmful deposits are trapped. This helps loosen the toxic residues. Purification Program participants can choose to run on South Coast Mission’s treadmill or they can run in Lake Forest’s beautiful sports park, just adjacent to the mission.


Running is immediately followed by spending time in the sauna. Profuse sweating allows the dislodged residues to leave the body through the pores. Most of the daily period on the program is spent in the sauna to allow enough time to rid the body of impurities. Breaks are taken to drink water and cool down.


Vanessa turns in her daily report, which is used to determine the amounts of vitamins and minerals to be taken the next day in order to keep eliminating the drugs and toxins.

“Since completing the Purification Rundown I have had significant decrease in my chronic aches and pains. I have also noticed a decrease in anxiety and less ups and downs. I haven’t craved or even thought about alcohol, which is great!”
— Vanessa

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