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Do you have a failing marriage? Are you struggling to keep your relationship from breaking apart? 

A once happy couple can turn into constantly arguing opponents. More subtly, they can become silent, distant, and cold, hiding bitter emotions or unfaithfulness.

South Coast Mission provides marriage counseling that gives real relief to couples. Whether unhappy, planning to separate, or simply looking to restore the spark in their marriage, we can help you restore the love and happiness you may have lost.

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Why a marriage or relationship fails

The bedrock of any marriage or relationship is the ability to communicate freely about anything. By the time a marriage or relationship is on the rocks, communication has already greatly diminished, or even stopped. Or it's degenerated into constant bickering and arguing. 

If your marriage or relationship has got to the point where you can't communicate easily with the other person without blowups, or you're so distant that real communication has ceased altogether, the only effective solution is marriage/relationship counseling to restore communication and love. 

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Repairing your marriage or relationship with Scientology Marriage Counseling

Scientology Marriage Counseling gets to the bottom of your relationship difficulties. It can bring back a high level of communication and reignite your love. It can help resolve your disagreements and restore harmony in your relationship and family.

The most effective way to repair a marriage or relationship in difficulties is for both partners to participate in the repair process. This can be difficult to confront, but the reward can be a renewed, loving relationship, and an intact family. In Scientology Marriage Counseling, we work with both partners in counseling sessions, but we will also work with each one individually as needed.

How Scientology Marriage Counseling works

Your first step is a free consultation with our consultant. If you decide to move forward with marriage counseling, you will get a thorough interview to find out what is really happening in your relationship. This is your chance to discuss the problems you are having. You can do the interview together or separately. Scientology Marriage Counseling is done using an exact technique and we'll show you a short film on how it is done so you know ahead of time what to expect.

You schedule your counseling at times that are workable for both you and your partner. In some cases we will advise you to also take one of our marriage and relationships courses so that you can understand why your relationship deteriorated, and how to keep your relationship alive and harmonious once it's been repaired.

The program takes from 1 to 4 weeks depending on your schedule. As Scientology Marriage Counseling gets to the root of your relationship difficulties, additional marriage counseling is generally not needed.

Marriage and Relationship Courses

We provide marriage and relationships courses, which can be done as an accompaniment to marriage counseling or by themselves. These are economical courses, $50 each including the course material, that are done at South Coast Mission on your own schedule. The courses will give you more understanding about relationships and tools to repair and then maintain a happy relationship. They are based on Scientology breakthroughs on relationships: why relationships fall apart and how to have a truly healthy, happy relationships. These principles have helped salvage many thousands of marriages and relationships. Our consultant will recommend which course(s) to take.

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