Marriage & Relationship Counseling

Do you have a failing marriage? Are you struggling to keep your relationship from breaking apart? Do you want advice on how to better the state of affairs with you and your spouse?

A once happy couple can later turn into constantly rivaling opponents. More subtly, they become silent, distant, and cold. Even more viciously, couples can put on a shiny façade and hide bitter emotions or unfaithfulness.

Luckily, we can provide a solution that is effective and fast. We have helped many restore the love and happiness they may have lost.

South Coast Mission provides help in Orange County that gives real relief to couples. Whether unhappy, planning to separate, or simply looking to restore the spark in their marriage, there is an answer.

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The Solution For A Failing Marriage

If a marriage is to be saved, it’s got to be done with the agreement and participation of both partners. In other words, it requires active involvement and acceptance of responsibility, which isn’t as terrifying as it first sounds.

Each failing relationship is unique, and suffering from its own set of circumstances. At the heart of the matter is the reason why. It is never the fights, the infidelity or anything else “visible”. It is something more hidden.

In our services, South Coast Mission makes it a goal to reach the actual reason for a failing marriage. Your counselor is well versed in techniques to help you find the source of the problem.

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Marriage Counseling Orange County – What To Expect

When you come in with your spouse, you first get a very thorough interview about what is really happening in your marriage. This is your chance to discuss what issues you are having. It is important to be totally truthful as the best results are obtained when the program is done honestly.

South Coast Mission has a case specialist that will tailor a program for you. Why? Because every marriage is different. Therefore, there are no cookie-cutter solutions and we make a unique program for your circumstances.

We provide classes and entire courses which give more understanding about relationships and how to prevent communication mishaps. They also help you to understand how and why your relationship got to the point it did, preventing future downfall. Subsequently, you will be able to make better decisions about your relationship.

Length of Program

The service takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks, depending on scheduling and how each unique case responds. However, once you are done, you leave without needing additional marriage counseling. You don’t get help from there on out. This program really gets to the root of the problem and blows it apart.

We believe in handling things for good and you and your spouse will really get at the source of the issue with the help of an experienced marriage counselor so that it can really be handled.

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