Divorce & Breakup

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Be able to heal and move forward from a painful divorce or breakup

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The emotional fallout from a divorce or a breakup can continue for years unless something effective is done to heal the emotional pain. A bad breakup or divorce can result in grief, anger, resentment, low self-esteem or disillusionment. It can make it very difficult to move forward with a new relationship.

The good news is that there is a way to heal the emotional pain and put you back on the road to being able to have a successful new relationship. There are effective and simple solutions that work and we can help you with these.

Solutions for a bad breakup or divorce

We provide counseling that gets to the bottom of the emotional pain you feel and heal it so that you move forward with your life and a new relationship. The counseling can help you discover for yourself what did happen in the failed relationship—what went wrong and what you can do to avoid the same problems in your next relationship.

Currently we are providing at-home programs that you can do from your home under the guidance of one of our counselors, starting at just $50. You can speak with our Lead Consultant to learn more. Call us at (949) 652-8200‬ or click here to schedule a free consultation online.

Knowledge is power, and we offer free self-help webinars in which you can learn why a breakup can be so devastating and take so long to get over; and learn how to actually get over it and be able to start a new relationship. We’ll give you some pointers also on how to make sure your next relationship succeeds and is the happy, loving relationship you want. See below for more information on our webinars.

Free Webinars on Relationships and Getting Over a Divorce or Breakup

Our free webinars will give you information and techniques to get over a bad relationship and to create successful relationships. They are given by Diana Dernehl, our Executive Director, who is an expert in relationships and has helped hundreds of people have happy relationships.

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Divorce Counseling and Breakup Counseling

The experiences of your past can negatively affect your present state-of-mind and view of yourself. A stressful breakup or divorce can leave you devastated or bitter. We can help you get over your breakup or divorce through counseling that can heal the pain of your emotional upheaval, leaving you able to create a new relationship. Our counseling methods don’t rely on drugs or hypnosis and they are nonjudgmental. Your counselor uses the scientific techniques of Dianetics to gently ease you out of the emotional pain and stress until you are able to view your breakup or divorce (and your ex!) with calmness.

We even provide counseling you can do from home.

Free Phone Consultation

We are giving free consultations to offer guidance, more information, or just to lend an ear! We are a nonprofit organization and our programs are economical, starting at just $50 for at-home programs.

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