How to Understand and Control Your Emotions

Find out how to master your emotions and end emotional rollercoaster in this Free Webinar!

Why do your emotions seem to rollercoaster all the time? Why can they be so hard to control? Learn why and how to master your own emotions!

You’ll learn about:

  • The scale of emotions and how to tell where you and other people are on it
  • How to move up the scale into a state of greater positivity and happiness
  • How what you think is “love” is often at the bottom end of the emotional scale.
  • Are love and hate really closely related?
  • How to predict people’s behavior using the scale of emotions.
  • Why you can go down into a low emotion such as anxiety, grief (sadness/depression) or fearfulness, and stay there.

Your potential for success and happiness is governed by your emotional state. In this webinar you can learn how to get control of your own emotions and how to deal with the emotions of the people around you.

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