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Personal Counseling Success Stories

Success Story“Counseling has given me back my ability to control parts of my life that I felt I had no control over. It gave me the ability to focus more as I was no longer focusing on problems like money. It also made me feel more comfortable with my body, which allowed me to make the changes I needed that led me to losing weight! I really hope others get the opportunity to do Counseling at South Coast Mission as it can truly give you more control over your life!” — Bruce, Irvine CA

Success Story“The counseling experience has allowed me to recover my ability to enjoy life, which has caused me to feel soooo much better. I can now think clearer and can handle life better.” — Nancy, Pomona CA

Counseling testimonial“Counseling was life changing. I know with certainty my gains will not be lost and my life will continue to improve. My counselor is awesome. Thanks to everyone that helped me get here. I couldn’t have done it without your help.” — Jordan, RSM CA

  • “Counseling has relieved me of the negative influences of my distant and recent past. I feel free to be my best self and can handle relationships a lot better.” —P.D.
  • “With my auditor’s help and guidance through the counseling session, I’ve visited my past pain and anger without fear.” —L.J.
  • “In my counseling program, we talked about things that I didn’t know were even holding me back. There were a lot of memories and thoughts that were holding me from even making steps to meet my full potential. A lot of things were needed to be talked about and freed from. I feel so much better. It is extremely hard to choose one or two things I liked most about my experience. I felt extremely cared for by my counselor and my experience was simply amazing.” -A.J.
  • “During my counseling, I had so many amazing realizations. Everything I came to face with, I was able to completely face it and let go of the pain I was carrying. It was not like anything I had experienced before. I look forward to continuing further counseling and achieving more and more wins!” -T.C.
  • “When I arrived here I felt somewhat desperate to find solutions to my personality issues that I was convinced were of great detriment to my personal professional success. I am convinced my life has been repaired. I have been relieved of the negative influences of my distant and recent past. I feel free to be my best self now and I am completely convinced that the counseling has worked and I am so encouraged.” -J.S.
  • “I have learned to handle the struggles in my relationships and how to make them better. I take personal responsibility for the success and even failures that have occured in my life. I am confident the failures will be few, if any. I have been treated with the utmost care and concern in every area. I am grateful for the experience and I am looking forward to continuing!” -P.D.
  • “I feel so much better now after my program. I learned a lot about myself and have more understanding of who I really am. I have had several realizations that I know are life-changing. I am very grateful.” -R.N.
  • “My counseling program has changed me for the better. I’ve found that I am able to communicate better without any second thought to what I mean to say. My girlfriend and I have been a lot happier together and conversing a lot more without fighting. Overall, I feel less stressed, more confident to understand and take control of the things that were holding me back. Thank you!”

    “P.S. I find myself a lot more productive at work, giving positive directions and following through with them. I am super happy and grateful for all that I have learned.” -J.S.
  • “Coming here and doing this program has been wonderful for me. It has had positive impacts throughout my life from my relationships, my work, but mostly my mental health. I really feel like my counselor has genuine interest in my well being.” -M.A.