Overcome Barriers to Happiness, Vitality & Confidence


Life can definitely throw curves, which creates stress and can lower your confidence, energy and feeling of wellbeing. 

But how about if you could tolerate and deal with life’s curves easier? AND boost your current vitality and confidence?

Find out how in this Free Webinar! You’ll learn about a simple technique that can increase your happiness, confidence and energy levels, and help you handle life’s challenges. It can de-stress and relax you.

In addition, find out:

  • What happiness REALLY is. And it’s not what you think!
  • How to achieve your goals faster
  • What’s behind lack of motivation

You can also gain new perspectives and a better awareness of self!

The webinar is given by Hali Stokes, Self-Help and Relationships Expert and Lead Consultant and Program Director at South Coast Mission Dianetics & Scientology Self-Improvement Center.

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