How to Heal From a Divorce or Breakup

Feel emotionally scarred by a breakup or divorce? Scared to have another relationship?

Join us in a free webinar and find out how you can fully heal from your divorce or breakup and be able to move on.

An ugly divorce or breakup can leave you emotionally devastated. Resentful, frustrated, or sad—and doubtful of ever achieving a happy, loving relationship. Perhaps you also blame yourself in some way—you should have made it work somehow; or done something differently. If children are in the mix, self-blame and regret, as well as worry over their future, can be considerable.


Maybe it’s been a while since your divorce or breakup, but you’re too mistrustful to get back into the dating game, or it just seems hard to find the right person to date. And you’re feeling lonely as a result. This is just more emotional scarring.

It’s time to remove the emotional and mental scars blocking your chance of achieving a truly loving and trusting relationship. This DOES NOT have to take a long time, despite what you may have experienced or been told.

Find out how you can fully, and completely heal in our webinar!

Join Hali Stokes in our free webinar. Hali is a self-help and relationships expert. She has worked with many people suffering from a bad breakup or divorce. She is the Lead Consultant and Program Director at South Coast Mission Dianetics & Scientology Self-Improvement Center.

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