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Anger Management Counseling and Courses Success Stories

  • “After doing this program, I have much less anger and much less anxiety. I am more aware of things that are going on. I am less depressed. Overall, I feel much much happier.” -S.S.
  • “I got a lot from this anger management program. I see my life differently now. I see my life more positive than negative. I learned a lot in my time here and my anger is a lot better than before.”
  • “Doing this course has helped me unburden myself. I am a lot less angry and learned amazing tools on conflict resolution and how to communicate better.” -A.H.
  • “I have learned a great many things by being here. Most of the problems I have can be summed up by the mistakes of my past, but with this knowledge I will no longer let my past govern my actions. What matters now is what I DO now. I will better myself because I want to better myself. I will help others because I want to help others. If I have a dream, I will not suppress myself from that dream if things do not go well. And if I have anything to look up to, even in the harshest of times, it is my family, my friends, and most importantly, myself.” -J.J.