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Personal Counseling

Counseling Orange County - OC Life Improvement Center

A very unique form of counseling Orange County Life Improvement Center offers can assist you to come to know yourself more. You gain a greater understanding of your fears and insecurities.

In this type of session, your advisor does not explain or try to evaluate your personality. This is an exploratory adventure. A counselor simply assists you to look for yourself.  We use techniques developed over a 30-year period.

The keystone of our services is individual certainty, not dependence upon someone to tell you who you are.

Types of Counseling Orange County Life Improvement Center Offers

We finds that most people are seeking help with these areas:

We tailor a program to help you be happier, more confident and able to succeed in your goals.

There is no shame, and no one will ever judge you. We know how to help.

Discover Who You Really Are

It’s a curiosity that people behave in ways that even they cannot explain. It is evident that something about our personalities and irrational behavior is hidden from our view.

There is a goal in our services that Orange County Life Improvement Center strives to achieve. That is to help you uncover these hidden things.

It’s unfortunate but our true selves do tend to be masked by negative experiences we pick up along the way in life.

Our goal is to peel back the unwanted layers so you can find yourself. We want to help you examine past incidents that have shaped you, and allow you to see behavioral patterns with total clarity. When this clarity occurs, those behavioral patterns have a tendency to desensitize and evaporate, leaving you with more and more of yourself.

Every case is unique, and we offer free consultations to determine the best course of action for your circumstances. Call us today at (949) 544-1565 to set an appointment or contact us using our online form.

Success Story

I got a lot from this course. I see my life differently now. I see my life more positive than negative. I learned a lot in the course of Overcoming the Ups and Downs in Life, and my anger is a lot better than before.
John R.