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Get to the root of your concerns and put an end to them with Dianetics Counseling

We provide counseling for any concern you might have about yourself or your relationships. Our counseling also helps people become happier in general and more able to utilize their innate potential. Our trained, certified counselors use effective techniques based on Dianetics, the science of the mind, that get to the underlying reasons you have these difficulties. Once you get to the root of them, you can eliminate them.

How does this work? It goes like this: any emotions, thoughts, feelings or behavior that you feel you can’t control, that you can’t overcome no matter how much you try, or that you can’t get rid of, come from a hidden part of your mind: the reactive mind.

The reactive mind stores emotional and physical pain, traumatic events and negative emotions that you have experienced throughout your life, from birth on. Various circumstances in your life can trigger these, acutely or chronically. Until you get down to the source of your difficulties, you can continue to be plagued by them.

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What is our counseling like?

You can feel completely comfortable and open with our counselors. They are nonjudgmental, understanding, easy to talk to and good listeners. Your counselor will help you gently explore your past and understand the troubles you are dealing with. The end goal is for you to be able to overcome and rid your life of the feelings and behaviors you don’t want.

We are currently offering remote counseling. Call (949) 652-8200 or click here to contact us for more information.
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What can we help you with?

Our counseling can help with most concerns. The below are the most typical concerns we help people with.

How do you start?

The first step is a Free Consultation with our consultant. She will listen to your situation and what you want help with. She’ll explain more about our procedure and you can get any questions answered. She is very understanding and knows that life isn’t always straightforward and people sometimes need a helping hand. We are currently doing phone consultations.

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