Meet Our Counselors

Felix - Counselor

Felix Lange


Felix has been with South Coast Mission since 2009. He is a very experienced and trained personal and relationships counselor and has helped many people regain their happiness and confidence.

“I like nothing more than to see the mental shadows fall away from people and give them the boost they need to live the lives they want to,” says Felix.

Sue - Counselor

Sue Garrett


Sue has been helping people in one capacity or another for almost 30 years. “I love watching people change for the better, toward having the lives they desire,” she says. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Anthropology; “I loved that subject because it was all about people and how they lived and survived in their worlds,” she adds.

When Sue saw how she could positively impact people in the here and now as a counselor, she switched gears. She is a certified and highly trained counselor and has helped many hundreds of people live happier lives.

Sue joined South Coast Mission in 2008. “I love it here,” Sue says, “the staff are so friendly and as a team we really transform people’s lives.”

Pepe - Counselor

Pepe Mendiola

Bilingual Counselor

Pepe was introduced to Dianetics in 2004 in Orange County. After doing a course on the book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, he realized that life and his emotions were controlling him and that cause of this was the reactive mind—a hidden part of your mind that is the source of irrational or unwanted behavior, thoughts and emotions. Pepe’s first counseling gave him huge relief and realizations about himself and life. He decided then and there that he wanted to help others regain themselves and be free of the reactive mind, and he trained to become a certified Dianetics counselor. In 2017 he joined our team at South Coast Mission.

“I understand the emotional pain people experience and that they don’t know how to release that pain and have certainty in themselves. People are chained to their past and their unwanted feelings by their reactive minds. When they unchain themselves with Dianetics counseling, they can release their potential for happiness and a bright future. They can be sure of themselves and have certainty in their own decisions. I like to help people get onto the right track in their lives.”

Alex - Life Coach

Alex West

Life Coach and Marriage Counselor

Alex West has been helping people do well in life for the last seventeen years and has helped hundreds of people through life coaching, counseling and marriage counseling.

As a life coach, he assists people to resolve problems in their relationships, work and day-to-day living. He helps them clarify and reach their goals and make strategies to overcome obstacles.

We use a unique method to help people repair their marriages. “Scientology Marriage Counseling takes up the reasons why the relationship cooled off,” explains Alex. “It pinpoints the exact moments in the past that caused the marriage to veer further and further away from a true, loving, communicative relationship. In the end, the couple can view each without any animosity and in many cases the love returns in full force.”