Introversion & Shyness

Overcome shyness, deal with introversion and feel at ease with people

Shy and introverted people share common traits that boil down to an inability to easily confront and be around people, except for perhaps a small circle of friends and family. Even if you feel you have become used to being shy or introverted, these attitudes can get in the way of your goals and happiness.


Shy person in company

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Difficulty making friends and being sociable.
  • Feeling anxious or drained in social or work situations.
  • Stress being around other people.
  • Loneliness and lack of friends.
  • Difficulty speaking up or speaking your mind.
  • A tendency to bottle things up.

Difficulties being around people can mean missing out on the things that enrich your life or help you achieve your goals, such as meeting the right person for you, getting your ideal job, having successful business relationships or participating in social or family activities.

How to overcome Shyness and Introversion and feel at ease with people

We offer Dianetics auditing to help you overcome shyness and introversion, and to stop being anxious around people. Dianetics auditing gets to the actual source of your shyness, introversion or anxiety and addresses that so you can get real relief and change.

Dianetics auditing is done in one-on-one sessions here at South Coast Mission. Your auditor (from Latin audire, "one who listens") will guide you to the incidents of your past that are affecting you in the present. You are awake and aware the entire time; no drugs or hypnosis are involved. Because of the preciseness of the technology used in Dianetics auditing, results can be achieved very quickly.

We can help you come out of your shell permanently and feel at ease in social situations. For a free consultation, call us at 949-652-8200 or fill out the Free Consultation form below.

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