Grief Counseling

We’ll help you overcome your grief and look to the future again

The loss of someone close to you is devastating and the emotional pain from your grief can leave you finding it hard to cope with life.

It can be very difficult to get over the death of a spouse, partner, family member or a very good friend. Yet, you know that they would want you to move on with your life. How can you overcome your grief and do just that?

Read on for a better understanding of grief and how it can be dispelled.

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Does grief go away over time?

Grief for the death or loss of someone very close to you can definitely fade, but without positive action it always remains to some degree. And it can easily be triggered, even years after the loss.

People talk about the stages of grief with the idea that in the end things will be better. However, all of the stages are painful and can take a long time. The last stage is usually considered to be acceptance of the situation, but this is not necessarily a good thing as it can mean that you have gone into a state of apathy in which life don’t seem worthwhile.

What happens when you suffer a heavy loss or death?

The severity of the feeling of loss and grief is usually proportional to how suddenly the death or loss occurred. A sudden, unexpected death can trigger a deep dive into grief and depression and a longer road back out.

In general, a loss or death of someone important to you stirs up many emotions along with the grief, such as anger, guilt, blame, hopelessness, apathy, fear and despair. Regret is also common, the constant desire to turn the clock back: “if only I had done ___” or “what could I have done differently?” This mishmash of emotions makes it even harder to recover from a loss.

Effective relief with our Grief Counseling

The initial shock from a death or loss can be extremely difficult to cope with and we can help you through it using techniques to provide you with some immediate relief.

Our counseling has the goal of giving you permanent relief from your grief. With our counseling methods you can feel real relief within days or weeks—not months or years.

Achieving permanent relief does not mean you disrespect the memory of your loved one. It just means you will be able to look back at that person or traumatic event with fondness and without the emotional pain, and you will be able to experience happiness and enthusiasm for your future once again.

Our counseling methods don’t require drugs or techniques such as hypnosis. You are awake the whole time. Our techniques go deep to address the grief. The basis for the power of grief over the mind and body lies in a hidden part of your mind and often is rooted in past incidents of your life.

Our counselors will gently help you get through your grief and discharge the emotional pain from your loss. They are compassionate and understanding and have a lot of experience helping people with grief and loss. They are good listeners and easy to talk to.

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Remote Help

We are currently offering help virtually and can provide tools to use at home to relieve your grief.

Free Phone Consultation

Your first step is a free phone consultation with our Lead Consultant and Program Director, Hali. Hali will listen to you and answer any questions you have. She can tell you more about our counseling and other programs we offer that can help you with your grief.

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