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Meet the Executive Director

Diana Dernehl
Executive Director, South Coast Mission

Meet the Executive Director

Diana has been with South Coast Mission for over ten years, first as the Program Director and then in 2016 she took over as Executive Director. She is a certified counselor and a trained administrator.

“I am passionate about helping people take back control of their lives so they can have happier, more satisfying lives without anything them holding them back,” says Diana, “I love seeing our counseling programs rid people of the negative attitudes and experiences.”

People can do a variety of programs at the South Coast Mission. These include personal counseling, couples counseling and classes and courses on self-development and self-help. People can also work with our life coach to help them navigate through difficult times. South Coast Mission also offers a variety of programs for business people and entrepreneurs.

“I chose to work at South Coast Mission,” says Diana, “because I could see that its programs provided actual and effective relief and solutions for so many issues in life. Anywhere from someone experiencing tremendous loss or anxiety to an entrepreneur being able to achieve his goals.”

“The most important thing for me is that people can feel comfortable and relaxed in our center,” says Diana. “You’ll find our staff are friendly and caring and that they have your personal happiness as their primary goal.”