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Depression & Anxiety

depressionWhat is depression? It’s a condition in which a person feels sad, hopeless, unimportant and often unable to live a normal life. This condition comes in varying degrees, occasionally manifesting itself acutely for only an hour, and sometimes affecting someone for an extended period of time.

Regardless of its severity, the Orange County Life Improvement Center is here to help you rid yourself of unwanted emotions. We’ll assist you to restore your happiness and quality of life through our services.

Depression Statistics & Symptoms

It’s been estimated that depression affects about 1 in 10 adults. Now that is only counting those who have taken a step to handle their symptoms by contacting a doctor or participating in a study. What about the average person walking down the street?

A much larger number of people are susceptible to random and unexplainable mood swings. Even though they may be anxious or depressed, they may also experience manic emotions (extreme elation) or a feeling of “roller-coaster” (first happy, then sad). These people may not be clinically depressed, but they will be suffering just the same. The help Orange County Life Improvement Center offers can address any of these issues and does so with ease.

Depression Counseling Orange County – Lake Forest, Mission Viejo

In our depression counseling at Orange County Life Improvement Center, we encourage you to inspect your problems, and examine your personal shortcomings with no bias or fear.

No one knows you better than yourself. No one has had the same experiences as you, or the same reactions to the various pitfalls of life. There is only one you in this world. Because of this, it would stand to reason that nobody else can tell you exactly what’s wrong, why you feel a certain way or react in a particular fashion.

If there is anything undesirable, please know that many others have also found relief from depression, through the techniques administered at our facility. Read more about the services we offer.

A Way Out – Reversing Depression & Anxiety

Through the depression counseling Orange County Life Improvement Center delivers, our staff get you to examine yourself in the purest sense, using proven techniques developed over decades of research.

We don’t use hypnotism or drugs, which will create unwanted dependency. We simply use what’s already within your own mind, to uncover the past. It will help you to reveal the real reasons for your depression, leaving you wholly yourself and looking towards the future.

If you would like to find out more, contact us today.