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Anger Management

About Anger Issues

When it comes to social and business relationships, anger issues can be a serious problem. True anger has a way of blinding one and it’s easy to lose rationality and replace it with confused, unexplainable and even dangerouse behavior.

This kind of lashing out can take its toll on a marriage, on business relationships and friendships. If it is allowed to continue, the damage may become irreparable due to escalation and eventual verbal or physical abuse.

The truth is this: you have good qualities, but there may be some that are unwanted. When we say “unwanted,” we mean undesirable by yourself, not anyone else. These unwanted qualities are not inherently a part of you.

Research shows they are caused by external sources that influenced you in your past; these things have been done to you. While it’s definitely not ideal that they exist in the first place, they can be fully eliminated, leaving you with the best of who you truly are.

The Orange County Life Improvement Center offers services for anger management in Orange County.

Anger Management Counseling

There are very specific reasons that one may suffer from spells of rage. This is fortunate because it means that through the right process, the source of the anger may be found and eliminated, restoring peacefulness to one’s mind.

At Orange County Life Improvement Center, we have no interest in hypnosis or other techniques that will only mask the problem. We utilize processes in which you are wide-awake, and where you will be guided through your mind to locate and handle any source of unwanted emotion.

Through anger management services at our facility, our specialists can help guide you through a process that will locate the mechanisms in your mind that can cause irrational thought or behavior—including rage and anger, if this is something you are particularly prone to. The counselors are well trained and experienced in techniques developed specifically for this purpose and through repeated use, can help to develop a natural, stable demeanor.

To learn more about how it works, read our page about services. We offer assistance and classes for anger management in Orange County, at our facility in Lake Forest, CA.

Success Story

I can definitely utilize these materials in helping me better identify traits in people. This will allow me to better communicate with them better. It also will help me know who to trust. This course also taught me how important trust is in a relationship, as well as self-worth. I will remember to apply what I learned toward building relationships and trust with everyone I’m interacting with.
Thomas D.

Anger Management Classes

We also offer specific courses and anger management classes in Orange County with lessons that will give you a better understanding of your emotions. Have you ever wanted to know why you suddenly get mad when people ask you certain things about yourself? Do you get “touchy” on specific topics? These courses will teach you how to deal with these situations, but more importantly, how to get rid of the underlying cause. There are even communication exercises where you will learn how to deal with situations that are known to trigger anger episodes.

The more you know about yourself, the easier it is to be in control. That is why we believe the best approach is to receive assistance while taking anger management classes.

The video below explains more about how we can help you if you suffer from anger issues.

To find out more about more about anger management in Orange County, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have relating to our services.

Success Story

Doing this course has helped me unburden myself from transgression. I feel very relieved and enhanced my integrity.
Anthony H.

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