Communication & Sales Training

sales person making a deal on a car

Effective communication is key to high sales

A salesperson can sell as well as they can communicate to a prospect. They need to be able to control through communication the entire sales evolution so that the prospect is moved from a mild interest to an actual sale.

Effective communication has various component parts and is based on specific natural laws to do with interpersonal relationships. At the South Coast Mission Self-Improvement Center we teach you how to master each part of the communication cycle and be able to create good rapport with anyone.

We offer courses that you can do in our center on your own schedule, beginning at just $100, materials included! We are a nonprofit organization and our mission is to help people realize their potential and achieve their goals. Many thousands of salespeople have been trained using the communication technology we use at South Coast Mission.

Why wait? Increase your closes with effective communication! We offer a Free Consultation and free personality and IQ tests so that we can evaluate how best to raise your sales.

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Release your potential through Personal Counseling

Grant Cordone is the #1 sales and marketing trainer in the world. For the last 15 years he has been using Scientology technology to help release his potential and overcome self doubt. Watch this video from December 2019.

The biggest factor holding back a salesperson is him or herself. Failures and lack of confidence or motivation can make a salesperson’s job a lot harder. We provide personal counseling tailor-made for the recipient. This is unlike any other personal counseling or therapy. It is designed to remove mental barriers and release your potential and innate power.

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